Book Recommendations: Belinda’s January Picks

The DO Book Recommendations January

The new year is here and so are resolutions. Raise your hand if reading more books is one of them! 

This month I want to introduce my 2 reads on purpose and smart, sustainable cities.

1Confessions of a radical industrialist

The DO Book Recommendations - Confessions of a radical industrialist

How could one of the world’s largest commercial carpet companies make it happen? How could they completely revamp their operations to focus on ‘saving the world’ while increasing revenue? Intercom Founder Ray Anderson did just that back in a time when sustainability was not an essential and a “hip” thing to do. Intercom’s example shows how purpose, sustainability, and profitability can be linked together.

Our upcoming ‘conversations for change’ on Thursday, 27 January 2022 are inspired by the story of Interface founder Ray Anderson, how they became climate heroes, and how you can become one too. You don’t need to read the book to participate.  Just show up and join the discussion! Sign up here.

Here are 3 articles we can recommend to read in case you want to learn more:

2Rebuilding Earth: Designing Ecoconscious Habitats for Humans

The DO Book Recommendations - Rebuilding Earth

This book is both a call to action and a roadmap. It shows how we ended up with our unsustainable concrete jungles and lays out how we can build a better and more sustainable future.

BONUSYou Don’t Want to Know

The DO Book Recommendations - You Don't Want to Know

Ever wondered why the chainsaw was invented? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this book, you’ll find the strangest and craziest stories from history, nature and science that you do(n’t) want to know. 

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