Hong Kong: A Smart City With Opportunities–The Green Living DO Challenge @ WLAB

Hong Kong has it all?! With rich biodiversity, abundant hiking trails, beautiful skylines, bustling nightlife, and world-famous skyscrapers, we can call Hong Kong an all-rounded metropolis. If we think about it, Hong Kong is quite a smart city. We have smart mobility powered by our intricate transportation infrastructure. We have smart living with our vibrant and diverse culture. We have a smart economy as an international financial hub that is connected with other cities globally.

But, Hong Kong is also known as a concrete jungle with limited green and leisure spaces, crammed public transport, and expensive housing. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

There are challenges, but also vast opportunities! 

We are a firm believer in opportunities, so we are offering the platform for citizens to co-create at the Green Living DO Challenge @ WLAB. We hope to bring together individuals passionate about smart cities, design, tech, architecture, and more to tackle a green living challenge.

Through a 2-day challenge, we will explore:

  • How we can humanize spaces,
  • How modern cities can empower their citizens to shape their living environment, and
  • Ultimately, how we can improve the quality of life of citizens through co-creating happier and healthier living environments.

Using the DO Method (Dream, Focus, Plan, and DO), participants will not only ideate, but strategize how to implement their solutions! Did we mention there will be exclusive perks? At the challenge, you will receive:

  • An invitation to join a continuous and evolving group that will meet regularly for meaningful discussions and initiatives, 
  • Networking opportunities with seasoned professionals, and
  • A chance to receive investment opportunities for your sparkling idea!

Hong Kong needs you! Apply now.

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