4 (additional) Pressing Challenges Cities Are Currently Facing – Part II

A lot of factors put pressure on the property sector. Aside from climate change, these are 4 other pain points in the industry.  1. Ageing population and ageing buildings Not only is the population ageing in Hong Kong, but buildings too. Taken together, it presents another unique challenge. Old buildings usually only have stairs, presenting … Read more

Hong Kong: A Smart City With Opportunities–The Green Living DO Challenge @ WLAB

Hong Kong has it all?! With rich biodiversity, abundant hiking trails, beautiful skylines, bustling nightlife, and world-famous skyscrapers, we can call Hong Kong an all-rounded metropolis. If we think about it, Hong Kong is quite a smart city. We have smart mobility powered by our intricate transportation infrastructure. We have smart living with our vibrant … Read more

Sustainable Fashion Roundtable @ WLAB

On July 20th, WLAB hosted a focus group featuring ~20 changemakers in the fashion and garment industry. Convened by Aamir, former COO of Lane Crowford, the focus group aims to bring together changemakers to talk about the life cycle of the industry. Ultimately, they wanted to create an ecosystem with different players in the industry. … Read more

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