Building Thriving Communities

Vibrant and connected communities are the backbone of a thriving society. Designing spaces that foster social interaction and well-being within neighbourhoods is crucial for creating a sense of belonging and enhancing the overall quality of life. Let’s explore how we can prioritise community-oriented design to strengthen the fabric of Hong Kong’s neighbourhoods.

The Power of Neighbourhood Spaces

Neighbourhood spaces play a pivotal role in bringing people together. By incorporating community gardens, interactive public art installations, multipurpose gathering areas, and safe pedestrian-friendly zones, we can transform the physical landscape of our neighbourhoods into vibrant hubs of social activity. These spaces serve as meeting points, allowing neighbours to connect, engage in conversations, and build relationships. But is this enough? With our The DO Neighbourhood Challenge we want to explore new innovative ways to bring people together.

Nurturing Community Bonds

When residents have access to thoughtfully designed spaces that encourage social interaction, a sense of community flourishes. Shared recreational facilities, co-working spaces, and community centres become catalysts for collaboration, cultural exchange, and collective problem-solving. These spaces empower residents to actively participate in shaping their neighbourhoods, fostering a sense of ownership and pride.

Promoting Social Connection

Designing spaces that prioritize social connection is critical for creating a city where everyone feels valued and included. Incorporating community gardens, playgrounds, and public seating areas fosters social interaction and creates opportunities for neighbours to connect and build meaningful relationships. Access to shared spaces and community events can further encourage social connection, promoting a sense of belonging and a more connected city.


By focusing on community-oriented design, we have the power to transform Hong Kong’s neighbourhoods into thriving hubs of social interaction and well-being. By creating spaces that foster connections, nurture community bonds, and promote well-being, we strengthen the fabric of our society. Let’s embrace the potential of neighbourhood spaces and work together to build vibrant, inclusive communities where residents feel a deep sense of belonging and pride.

Are you ready to participate in the design of spaces that encourage social interaction and well-being among tenants in Hong Kong?

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