ESG trends in APAC

ESG trends in APAC

ESG is picking up globally. How is it doing in APAC? According to Baker McKenzie’s Asia Pacific Business Renewal Series, the top three ESG risks in APAC are “Regulatory enforcement and investigation”, “New regulations”, and “Changing buyer behavior”. Organizations might increasingly embed ESG into their risk frameworks and corporate strategies.  More organizations are stepping up … Read more

5 podcasts about smart and green cities

podcasts smart and green cities

When you hear “green and healthy living environment”, what comes to mind?  We handpicked 5 podcasts about about smart and green cities that give inspiring insights into co-creating better living environments: 1. The Flow of Urban Life – KONE The Flow of Urban Life explores innovation to improve urban life and build smarter and more … Read more

The role of technology and innovation in enhancing the lives of the ageing population

The Role of Technology and Innovation in Enhancing the Lives of the Ageing Population

As the global population ages, technology and innovation are playing an increasingly vital role in enhancing the lives of older individuals. With advancements in healthcare, communication, and lifestyle, technology is transforming the way we age, offering new opportunities for independence, health, and social connection. Healthcare and telemedicine: One of the most significant areas where technology … Read more

Building Thriving Communities

Vibrant and connected communities are the backbone of a thriving society. Designing spaces that foster social interaction and well-being within neighbourhoods is crucial for creating a sense of belonging and enhancing the overall quality of life. Let’s explore how we can prioritise community-oriented design to strengthen the fabric of Hong Kong’s neighbourhoods. The Power of … Read more

The Potential of Smart City Initiatives to Boost Inclusion in Hong Kong

The Potential of Smart City Initiatives to Boost Inclusion in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant, dynamic city with a diverse population. However, like many cities around the world, it faces challenges of inclusion and access to opportunities. Smart and inclusive city initiatives have the potential to boost inclusion in Hong Kong by leveraging technology to create more equitable and accessible systems. In this article, we … Read more

Why is economic inclusion important?

What is economic inclusion? Economic inclusion means more equi­table dis­tri­b­u­tion of income, wealth, jobs and economic opportunities for a city’s residents, including the underserved and vulnerable populations. No one is left behind in the economy. Society recognises that everyone, including the low-income, communities of colour, differently-abled, and more, are talents. Economic inclusion means we all … Read more

Why is cultural inclusion important?

What is cultural inclusion? A culturally inclusive city embraces diversity in culture, languages, religions, and different ways of self and community expression. Citizens enjoy an environment free from prejudice and discrimination. There are opportunities for citizens to explore cultures and beliefs beyond their own. There is respect, understanding, and acceptance in all kinds of cultures.   … Read more

Why is social inclusion important?

What is social inclusion? Social inclusion is a way of improving the ability, opportunity, and dignity of the underrepresented groups, thereby ensuring they can participate in social, economic, and political life fully.  Being socially inclusive means equality between people of different genders, races, nationalities, ability levels, income levels, occupations, faiths, sexual orientations, and ages.  How … Read more

Why is spatial inclusion important?

To make sure that cities support the wellbeing of stakeholders from all walks of life, it is essential to promote and implement the idea of inclusive cities. An inclusive city can create opportunities to improve the quality of life of citizens, encourage equality, and generate sustainable economic growth. What is spatial inclusion? Spatial inclusion is … Read more

Hong Kong’s Strategy to Green and Healthy Living

When you hear “green and healthy living environment”, what comes to mind? In 2016, a paper on “Planning and Urban Design for a Liveable High-Density City” was published, which talked about: “Planning for a Healthy City” to promote active ageing, promote physical and mental wellbeing, and reduce mortality rates, “Reinventing the Public Space and Enhancing … Read more

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